Global Reach (Proof of Concept)

The happy marriage of software & hardware.


I’m a product designer and leader. I discover, inspire, design, and ship billion-dollar product lines and proof of concept experiences, both software & hardware. I've directed and managed design teams at fortune 500 companies, small agencies, and startups. I’ve won awards and I’m also a founder.

With a holistic design approach across multiple touch points, (digital and physical interfaces, branding, print, web, social, video) I obsess over the details.
I'm an advocate for the customer, design talent and team culture.


T-shaped designer.

Sometimes, I wear many hats...

Depending on the project, I may need to manage product, technology, marketing and more to meet deadlines and goals.

Cross-platform, and then some.

I've designed interaction and pixels across wearables, mobile, TV, web, and future devices yet to ship.

I've shipped to Millions.

I've led design and shipped several products and apps.


My Story

I was born in Chicago to parents with backgrounds in education and medicine. Growing up in Baltimore, MD, the thirst for learning and analytical thinking was already in my blood. I had always been a maker but never realized it until college.

During my freshman year studying Geological Oceanography at URI, I took an intro to Photoshop class since I had been making mixed CDs to dorm mates with custom album covers depending on the mix. Since photography classes in high school, I never knew that there was this "thing" called design and how important it would become to me.

After finishing my BS in Visual Communication Design from Stevenson University in Maryland, I joined a few small design firms around Baltimore and even freelanced throughout undergrad and afterwards. I guess I have always been a bit entrepreneurial too. I gained the "HOW", but now I was craving the "WHY". I found this at Art Center in Pasadena. I also took my electronics hackery to new levels conceiving and designing experiences within interactive objects and spaces. If the tools didn't exist, I would find a way to build it or communicate my concept.

These days, my passion still lies with building holistic experiences across an app, it's brand and online touchpoints, or the next big thing in physical consumer products. I firmly believe that the best interface is no interface, and that a good truly cohesive holistic experience can never be designed from siloed teams.

I spend my weekends climbing the sierra, snowboarding and snowshoeing down them, sailing around the bay, or hunting down new delicious wines in wine country to share with friends on my next adventure.

I'm Parker—let's design something big together.