I used to have a goal of having 318 patents to my name, but even in death the Legend is still accumulating lots of IP (458 and counting—RIP Steve).




Uber 2018 Workation Selection – My side passion project was chosen out of 150 submissions with funding for a 2 week sprint in Mexico.

PayPal 2016 Hackathon Grand Prize Winner – My team and I won the Checkout-sponsored hackathon recently. Our winning solution has now been marked for Q2 development.

PayPal 2016 1st Place Best Video – I shot and produced a video about prototyping and how I hope to change our company culture to that of a Culture of Making internal at PayPal. I won 1st place.

AngelHack 2015 Hackathon Best Game App – My team and I won the Big Fish Games Challenge: Create a real time multiplayer game that has a client and server component. Prize: $1000 cash prize. MYNZapp.com

AngelHack 2015 Hackathon Best Mulesoft App – My team and I won the Mulesoft Challenge: Best integration using Anypoint Studio/ Mule ESB. Prize: Pass to MuleSoft Connect in SF, 10,000 points & Hackathon Winner Badge in Champions Program, social promotion. MYNZapp.com

Samsung Outstanding Inventor – I was awarded the Outstanding Inventor Award in 2012 for a patent that received an A1 grade—the highest internal grade. Only 5 out of 100 patents received this grading, and I was the lead inventor. View it here.

1st Passion Project Award – My proposal was awarded as the 1st-ever internally-funded passion project at T-Mobile company wide. "Rock The Lock" explored new directions for lock screens. 2009.

Best Performance Product of the Year – SEMA 2007
9 SEMA International Awards – Spek Gauges won 9 SEMA International Product Awards in 2006 & 2007.
NASCAR Acceptance – NASCAR approves use of Spek gauges for drivers in 2008. Over 50% of drivers adopted them.

MDP Scholarships – Throughout my time in the graduate Media Design Program at Art Center, I was awarded several scholarships.


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20+ patents

I'm listed as lead inventor on several patents and have much experience working with internal and external legal counsel, as well as the USPTO process.

I’ve also served as an IP coach for design orgs at every prior company I’ve been a part of.

Network computer system to position service providers using provisioning level determinations US 20180330621A1 – Uber (Utility Patent)

Content delivery system with augmented reality mechanism and method of operation thereof US 20140240352 – Samsung (Utility Patent)

Display system with media processing mechanism and method of operation thereof US 20140270700 – Samsung (Utility Patent)

Display system with extended display mechanism and method of operation thereof US 20140267434 – Samsung (Utility Patent)

Computing system with content-based alert mechanism and method of operation thereof US 20140282721 – Samsung (Utility Patent)

One Line In-Context User Interface US 20180053183A1 – Paypal (Utility Patent)

Smart connection manager
US 8514717 – T-Mobile (Utility Patent).

Device-adjacent ambiently displayed image US 8449118 – T-Mobile (Utility Patent).

Utilization of interactive device-adjacent ambiently displayed images
US 8451192
 – T-Mobile (Utility Patent).

Misplaced device recovery US 8477028 – T-Mobile (Utility Patent).

Telecommunication Device US D634725 – T-Mobile (Design Patent).

User interface with z-axis interaction US 8860672 – T-Mobile (Utility Patent).



SIGCHI TVX 2015 Submission – MetaGlow: Television Bezel Illumination Based on TV Content Meta-Data.

Archives 2008 (NAA Annual Meeting) – Archives Don’t Last, Unless They Are Made Out of Twinkies: Introducing the Concept of Play to the Practice of Archiving. Click here to view it on page 21.