What type of designer are you?

I'm a designer, hacker, inventor, researcher, and leader. I have a background in art direction and visual, but I obsess over interaction and great UX for both software and hardware. I'm an expert with pixels, a soldering iron, metal shop, wood shop, spray booth, or app store.


Where have you worked?

I've built and led design teams at fortune 500 companies, small agencies, and startups. I'm also a founder. I've launched award-winning products, campaigns and videos. I've owned design for $Billion product lines.


Shipping Products or Proof of Concept?

Near term, short term, or the long view, I've pitched proof-of-concepts to executives, and shipped apps that have been featured on the app store and on TV. In a previous life, I produced brands, print collateral and websites. For the past 12 years I've been obsessed with interactive objects, spaces, and software. I've worked on virtually every type of screen, and even invented some yet to ship.


How do you build teams?

I love working with rockstars. I believe in the "we" and the siloed "me". I believe in only hiring A-grade t-shaped people. They'll have 30% overlaps in disciplines, and can go deep 70% with a core skill set.


What are your design principles?

1. Be an advocate for the user.
2. Technology should recede into the background — ideally disappearing.
3. Friction down, delight up.
4. Prototype & test early and often.
5. Co-creation with users & Collaboration across disciplines
6. "We", not "Me".