Some of my work has been prominently featured on tech blogs and television.

It’s difficult to find a person who is skilled and flexible enough to do both big picture innovative thinking, and still detail-oriented enough to deliver assets and style guides. But Parker is one of those rare creative hybrids with an endless arsenal of skills.
— Joy Palludan, Google
Parker is an integral part of any creative team. He brings a fresh and lively perspective to the mix balancing user needs and technical feasibility. He integrates well with diverse professional disciplines and is a pleasure to work with.
— Mike Kemery, Teague
Parker is a highly creative person with an ability to build physical and digital prototypes to explore the embodiment of concepts and ideas. Parker is a great team member, willing to take on any task, and has the ability to think out of the box.
— Paulo Chow, T-Mobile
Parker is a highly creative designer with an impressive ability to inspire through the physical/interactive prototypes he creates—pushing the bounds of what is new, different and fun for the user—and sensitive to the intersection of ID and UX.
— Maura Hoven, New Deal Design